Benefits of The Station Rotation Model

  • Facilitate small group, differentiated instruction
  • Provide students with agency to increase engagement
  • Shift feedback into the classroom
  • Foster communication, collaboration, and creative problem-solving among students
  • Give students more control over the pace of their learning
  • Differentiate learning activities, supports and scaffolds, and level of academic rigor for learners with different skills, abilities, and needs.

Maximize Your Impact & Increase Engagement

It's impossible to meet the needs of diverse learners if you move in lockstep through curriculum and activities as a whole class.

Explore how the Station Rotation Model can help you create more opportunities to work directly with small groups of students, individualize scaffolding and support, differentiate instruction, move feedback into the classroom, and allow students to control the pace of their learning.

Rediscover your joy in teaching!

Use Technology to Shift Control to Students

Design online learning stations using the 4Cs of 21st-century learning to ensure technology is used to connect, not isolate, learners!

Make Time for Small-Group Interactions

Use precious class time to differentiate instruction, guide interactive modeling sessions, provide real-time feedback, facilitate small group discussions, and connect with your students!

Develop a Dynamic Learning Community

Challenge students to wrestle with complex ideas, collaborate around shared tasks, and engage in academic discourse to make meaning and construct knowledge.

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